CRM Consulting Services

A CRM platform is an IT tool which can help you achieve certain goals, but it is not a solution which will solve all your CRM issues. For a successful CRM implementation the organisation must not think of CRM as simply an IT project. It is an opportunity to create a CRM strategy, to redefine the core customer processes, and then finally implement the technical aspects.

The foundation of Geddions’ CRM consulting services is our Customer Engagement Maturity Model (CEMM). The CEMM analysis measures Customer Experience across multiple touch points, and generates an accurate view of the current situation and a benchmark of your organisation’s maturity level.

Geddions’ expertise and approach has helped our clients understand their customers’ needs, develop strategies to service their customers better, and ensure their plans and strategy for growth align to meet those customer needs. Our services help you achieve the growth in revenue you want and boosting your customer advocacy, while reducing the cost of selling and servicing.