Web Portals

As business is increasingly moving on-line, customers now expect to be able to interact with their suppliers via a website. Unfortunately most customer portals end up as an isolated silo and are not integrated with the day-to-day business. E.g clients may request a statement online, but the requst must be handled manually by the back-office. By utilising the business process execution capabilities of CRM, and integrate those processes with a client portal, the portal becomes a core part of your client intercations.

We are now much more interactive, and have really gone paperless.
Jane Valls, Chief Executive Officer, Mauritius Institute of Directors

Combining CRM with a customer web portal will give you a deeper engagement with your clients, while at the same time reduce paperwork and save time. Application forms, booking forms, monthly statements, and any other type of customer interaction can be put onto the portal, which will create a completely digital process between you and your customers.